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Tissue World New Launch: Jakarta Conference 2015

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Tissue World, the leading portfolio of events dedicated to tissue paper industry worldwide is pleased to announce Tissue Word Jakarta Conference.

Taking place at the Jakarta International Expo (JIE) during 28 - 29 October 2015, the event will feature 2 days conference, 15 exhibiting-sponsors and social functions. It will be held concurrently with Hotelex Indonesia, the leading event for the hotel and hospitality industry.

The Jakarta Conference is the last remaining piece of the map Tissue World had drawn based on industry feedback with the aim of tapping into all key strategic tissue markets worldwide. Tissue World will set the stage for yet another impactful regional event that will combine the strength of the peculiar local industry with our network of international players. Indeed, Jakarta will stand out as unique, as all other Tissue World events are, for each one focuses on a different set of regional supply and demand markets and addresses specific industry needs.

Daniel Ohndorf, emtec Electronic GmbH, Marketing and Sales, on Tissue World Istanbul:
"Tissue World is the place to be if you deal in the tissue industry. It is an outstanding meeting point for the industry heavy-weights and smaller enterprises to share information about the latest innovation and developments in an ever-changing business world."

Tissue World Jakarta Conference will be promoted in the ASEAN and Asia Far East region.
In particular, within its 10 countries ASEAN is home to nearly 10% of the world's population, and ranks as the seventh largest economy. Additionally, while the demand for tissue paper will continue to grow between 3-4% per year globally, in Asia that same demand will be significantly greater due to a much faster population increase and changes in lifestyle. Click here to enquire about sponsorship opportunities

Why Indonesia?

    Indonesia is the pivotal country in ASEAN and its most populous (250m people)
    Indonesia is by far the largest exporter of tissue paper in the Asia Far East region
    Indonesia is the second biggest world's exporter of parent rolls (after Italy)
    It tops the expected volume growth forecasts in the region for the next ten years
    Tissue paper in the country is predicted to maintain double digit growth over the coming 5 years
    It is one of the key pulp producers in the world
    Nearly 100% of paper machinery and parts in paper mills in Indonesia are imported

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Tissue World is the leading global event series serving the tissue industry worldwide since 1993. With events in Shanghai, Jakarta, Istanbul, Milan, New Orleans and Sao Paulo it offers an integrated and intertwined platform consisting of exhibitions, conferences and a magazine providing an unmatched offline and online meeting place to do business, exchange ideas and learn, all year round.   -

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