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Tissue World Jakarta: The Contrasting Implications of Deforestation in Indonesia

Wednesday, Jun 17, 2015

The pulp and paper industry in Indonesia has long been linked to forest clearance, habitat destruction, and haze-causing forest fires. Plagued by the highest rate of deforestation on the planet (Source: TIME magazine, July 2014), Indonesia is also the second biggest world exporter of tissue paper jumbo rolls. Are we hopelessly witnessing the unfolding of a catastrophe or is the country acting on it?

After years of being under scrutiny for their practices, key players of the pulp and paper industry such as APRIL and APP have pledged to commit to zero deforestation across their supply chains. But while companies have vowed to implement policies to ensure sustainable sourcing of raw materials, we are yet to see how far this will be achieved. How actually committed is the pulp industry to go deforestation-free? What are the factors that might pose as an obstacle to achieve this goal and how will tissue manufacturers react to the mounting pressure of green activists if the target is not met in the near future? Will these policies affect the relevant competitive and comparative advantage the Indonesian pulp industry demonstrates? Can the government also play a part by providing a more beneficial business climate?

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