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Paper Industry: Restoring Faith, Channelizing Dreams

Monday, Oct 19, 2015

The paper industry produces a majority of the paper pulp by recycling waste paper, pulping agricultural residues like wheat straw, paddy straw and sugarcane bagasse. In India, 46% of the paper is produced by usage of waste paper – through the process of recycling. Around 22% of the paper is produced using agricultural residues like wheat straw, paddy straw and bagasse. Only 32% of the Indian paper Industry uses wood as the raw material for manufacturing paper.

India’s demand for paper is expected to rise by 53% in the next six years, primarily due to a sustained increase in the number of school-going children in rural areas and increase in the regional newspapers. North Maharashtra alone has more than 100 small newspapers.

Growing consumerism, modern retail, rising literacy and - hopefully - government spending on education through the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan. In the clamour for Digital India, there are hundreds of me-too education products chasing schools and their limited budgets. You have books, smart class, content on CDs, laboratories- computer, mathematics, robotics, do-it-and learn kits, portable labs, ebooks and so on. And yet, books enjoy the biggest share of the pie.

In the last five years, the Indian paper sector has invested about Rs 20,000 crore on capacity enhancement, technology upgrade and acquisitions. [Printweek India]

So keeping in mind growing consumerism, modern retail ITEI is delighted to announce Paperex 2015. Paperex is the only comprehensive business platform serving the paper industry and has established itself as a “Business Festival of the Paper Industry” for Best Sourcing, Technology & Knowledge Transfer, Joint Ventures, and Investments across the globe.

Paperex 2015 and collocated Tissueex 2015 have received an over whelming response from world over and will repeat the success story with expected presence over 500 leading Exhibitors from 28+ countries and thousands of trade visitors from 60+ countries . The four day concurrent international conference on "Pulp & Paper Industry: Innovations - Need of the Hour" is also being organized by Indian Agro & Recycled Paper Mills Association.

For detailed information about the entire program, please log on to or contact us at +91 11 40828282, Email:;

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