RemaSawco receives order in Russia

8 September 2017

The order comprises installation of a complete RS-BoardScannerQ system for automatic quality sorting of boards in a dry sorter. Delivery and commissioning are scheduled towards the end of 2017.

”This is an important order for us and yet another success for our product RS-BoardScannerQ", says Johan Friberg, Managing Director for Image Systems. ”It's especially rewarding that Leste?hsnab Plyus now have chosen RS-BoardScannerQ as one of the important components in their effort to building one of the highest performing sawmills in Russia. It's also gratifying that we're now taking a giant step into the Russian market", Johan Friberg continues.

RS-BoardScanner Q is a fully automatic transverse inspection/quality system for boards and plank in green and dry sorters or planers. The system performs a 4-sided quality assessment without the requirement to flip the objects. The measurement technique combines tracheid (fiber), dimension and vision data. The system enables a whole range of opportunities in quality sorting for sawmills, thanks to the sophisticated measurement technique and the accompanying touchless strength grading application.