RDM has approved the right of first refusal aimed at acquiring 66.67% of the Share Capital of Pac Service S.p.A

23 November 2017

The Board of Directors of Reno De Medici S.p.A., met on November 20th 2017 to examine and approve the right of first refusal, as provided for in the by law, aimed at acquiring 66.67% of the share capital of Pac Service S.p.A, a company operating in the field of cutting and processing cardboard. The residual stake of 33.33% is already owned by Reno De Medici, which, after the closing expected by December 31th 2017, will hold the 100% control of a company of which it is a strategic supplier, integrating the value chain.

"Today the acquisition by the RDM Group of Pac Service S.p,A. has a strong strategic value for both the target company   which is distinguished for a customized and just in time service   and the RDM Group, which strengthens the relationship with a company that was already a strategic provider”, it’s the comment of Michele Bianchi, CEO of RDM.

Pac Service, based in Perarolo di Vigonza in the province of Padua, has been operating since 1979 in the processing cardboard and cutting industry, particularly for packaging, publishing, graphics, cosmetics and the food industry, for both domestic and international clients.

The strategic contribution of Pac Service   which distinguishes by its ability to customize its products through the quick processing of minimal quantities and the production of special sizes, in line with an increasingly "just in time" need   will strengthen the RDM Group's commitment to be the "Partner of Choice" in an increasingly regulated and demanding industry.

Source: rdmgroup.com