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PulpEye launches Dynamic Drainage Analyzer DDA 5 with new features

Saturday, Mar 14, 2015

PulpEye, is an innovative measurement technology company, is now launching the fifth generation of its Dynamic Drainage Analyzer, DDA 5. This model, like its predecessors, gives drainage values comparable to real drainage situations on modern paper machines’ wire sections. One of the new features is an automatic retention module which can calculate the retention by analysing the turbidity of the white water.

Optimal drainage and retention are important parameters in papermaking. The right amount of chemicals added in the right position in the stock preparation increases both productivity and product quality. As the DDA gives drainage values comparable to real drainage situations on modern paper machines, it is in use by papermakers, chemical manufacturers and R&D companies worldwide.

“DDA 5 has a compact design and is equipped with new features like the turbidity sensor which automatically gives the retention value,” says Öjvind Sundvall, MD, PulpEye. “The drainage rate can be presented for chosen time intervals during the analysis. The chemical dosage is done automatically. As the equipment is automatically cleaned after each analysis, more analyses can be done per hour in comparison to previous models. All data input and presentation of results are done with a new user friendly interface.”

”We have customers all over the world using the DDA in their normal production as well as in development projects. With the launch of our DDA 5 we expect that the demand will increase even further and that we will very soon sell our one hundredth unit since the first version was introduced,” finishes Öjvind Sundvall.

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PulpEye AB is an innovative measurement technology company, focusing on online applications and services for the pulp and paper industry globally. Main products are the PulpEye pulp analyser and the ScanChip chip analyser. Head office is in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden. Offices are in Örnsköldsvik, Friedrichshafen, Ottawa and Vancouver, Sundsvall and Västerås.


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