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Pulp & Paper Industry Expo-China 2016

Monday, Mar 21, 2016

The Paper Expo 2016 will be held at Poly World Trade Center from 19-21, May, 2016.

As the annual China paper-making industry event, The area of Paper Expo 2016 is expected to reach 12,000 sqm, and more than 300 companies from over 10 countries and 12, 000 top buyers will participate,including four parts, which is Pulp and paper technology, Paper chemicals, Robotics and intelligent equipment and Paper industry.The exhibition aims to comprehensive display on the paper industry's latest products and raw materials and advanced technologies.

Paper Expo 2016 features:

1.Paper-making provinces which covers 80% of paper making in China will present as delegation.
2.We will organize "2016 Country Paper-making Equipment, Paper Procurement   Matchmaking Along The OBOR(One Belt One Road)"
3.The"Papermaking equipment, new products, new technology seminar" will be organized jointly by Ten provices.
we welcome those companies engaged in paper industry to showcase their products and technologies.

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