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Printing South China 2017/ Sino-Label 2017 Sharing Smart Packaging Printing Solutions

Tuesday, Dec 13, 2016

The printing market keeps growing. According to the latest forecasts, the volume of the worldwide print market would grow from the current 407 billion euros to 420 billion euros by the year 2020. Under the fierce competition, the production requirements from manufacturers have gone strict. With shorter production lead time as well as increased labour and materials cost, how to improve production efficiency while minimizing materials wastage becomes the challenge of the industry.

To meet the market needs, the 24th South China International Exhibition on Printing Industry (Printing South China 2017) and China International Exhibition on Label Printing Technology 2017 (Sino-Label 2017) will showcase automation technologies and solutions, as well as introduce a series of green and efficient printing materials, equipment and solution with the functions of reducing waste and pollution. .

Intelligent Packaging Printing
Printing South China 2017 will set up “Post-press & Packaging Converting Halls“, where the latest post-press and paper converting, carton packaging and packaging printing related equipment and technologies will be showcased with the aim of helping printing companies to upgrade their production process, improve efficiency and cope with various challenges encountered in the expanding market.

Numerous exhibitors will showcase intelligent and automatic production equipment. Packaging printing exhibitors include Guowang, Jinbao and Zhongke. The automatic shaped window patching machine from Jinbao, automatic digital inkjet printing machine from Uanchor and Keqiang's automatic case making and inner laminating machine, all feature high speed and accuracy, are perfect for mass production.

Efficient Green Printing
With the growing trend of customization, the market is having higher expectation for printing quality. Seeing the demand in short run and mass production, Sino-Label 2017 will introduce a series of variable printing solutions. Digital printing exhibitors include Epson, Founder, Chefung (agent of Xeikon), Dugao, Trojanjet, and Arojet. In terms of exhibits, Sonicjet’s UV variable data digital printing system is one of the high performing systems that could print customized products in high precision on demand.

Besides, some smart flexo printing equipment that could reduce production cycle and costs, and with economic and green features will also be showcased. Exhibitors include Taiyo Kikai, Omet, United Printing, Weigang, etc. The Metronome from ETI and F3 Flexo Press from Bengraphic are perfect for increasing companies’ efficiency and competitiveness.

Star Exhibitors and Concurrent Events
The shows will be running from 1-3 March 2017 at Area B, China Import and Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou, PR China. The 3-day event will cover an exhibition area of over 95,000 sqm across 9 halls, with over 1,000 worldwide exhibitors showcasing their latest technologies.

Exhibitors of Printing South China 2017 include: Guowang, Jinbao, Zhongke, Hongming, Keqiang, Guangming, Uanchor, Shanghai Dragon, Ruida, Ounuo, Ruian Jinggong, Zenbo, Sini, Xinda, Xinwei, Accura, Aoke, Huibo, Lixin, Xinfeng, Litong, Longhua, Aote, Zihong, Daqiao, Fengming, Donghang, Meidu and Siegwerk, etc (in arbitrary order).

Exhibitors of the concurrent event Sino-Label 2017 include: Omet, Epson, Haotian, Taiyo Kikai, Founder, Zhongte, Labellong, Brotech, Source MTR, Weigang, Dowell, Wanjie,Bengraphic, ETI,  Ophter, Arojet, Xinhongdu, Trojanjet, Sonicjet, Tujiate, Debao, Jingda, Chili, Caisheng, Hontec, BST, Nickel, Rhyguan, Luster, Maxcess, Shield, Dugao, ISRA Vision, Zhongshan Fuzhou, KURZ, Lecco, Jinwanzheng, Xinshan, Soontomax, Shriro, United Printing, etc. (in arbitrary order)

During the show period, a number of events will be held onsite, such as Digital Packaging Technology Application and Development Forum 2017, the Second Intelligent Print Art Summit Forum, Innovative Design and Printing Technique Exchange Meeting, 3D Printing Activity Zone, and Label Technology Innovation and Application Forum, where participating companies could learn more about the market development and gain insights on production transformation.

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Together with the concurrent events, the 24th China International Exhibition on Packaging Machinery & Materials (Sino-Pack 2017) and China (Guangzhou) International Exhibition on Packaging Products (PACKINNO 2017), the Printing South China 2017 and Sino-Label 2017 will provide a one-stop purchasing platform from printing, labeling to packaging and products for buyers.

Buyers are encouraged to pre-register online at or to enjoy privileges such as free admission, free show catalogue, priority to join on-site conferences and discounted hotel rates. Pre-registered buyers can also join our monthly lucky draw to win 2-night hotel accommodation.

Exhibitor Highlights:

Printing South China 2017

1.    Zhejiang Jinbao Machinery Co.,Ltd (Booth No.: 10.1B536)
Jinbao will exhibit its automatic shaped window patching machine. The JB-900TC model is used to patch films on windows of all kinds of cardboard or corrugated boxes, cases after die-cutting and embossing. The equipment is the first choice for the processing of high-end toy boxes, packaging boxes, cosmetics boxes, wine boxes, etc.

2.    Yutian Uanchor Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. (Booth no.: 9.1A501)
Uanchor will showcase its automatic digital inkjet printing machine, which is mainly used for printing customized data such as one-dimensional code, two-dimensional code, words and graph on sheet. It is perfect for industries in pharmaceutical packaging and food packaging. It is a digital inkjet printing system that features high efficiency, stability and precision, safe and easy operation.

3.    Wenzhou Keqiang Machinery Co., Ltd. (Booth No.: 11.1C636)
Keqiang will showcase its QZFM-700/900 Automatic Case Making & Inner Laminating Machine, which adopts PLC control, systems on servo drive, photo sensor detection and servo correction positioning. It integrates with many processes such as paper feeding, gluing, board feeding, photo sensor detecting, servo positioning, flattening and folding. It provides an efficient solution for the mass production of the packaging of tea, cell phone, handcraft products, cosmetics, as well as the production of folders, calendars and hard cover books.

Sino-Label 2017

1.    ETI Converting Equipment Shanghai Limited (Booth No.: 11.2F201)
The Metronome is a turn key printing press, which could apply to the industries of cosmetics, food packaging, beverages, media and much more. The flexibility of adding components and the ease of changeovers not only provide users an extra edge over the competition but also increase the production capacity.