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New Organisation at Innventia

Tuesday, Apr 05, 2016

On 4 April, 2016, Innventia launched a new organisation. The mobilisation is being undertaken so that we are better equipped for the opportunities and challenges that we will be encountering in the bioeconomy of the future.

The operation is being organised in two new business areas, Biorefinery & Biobased Materials under the direction of Catharina Ottestam and Papermaking & Packaging, under Marco Lucisano. At the same time a function is being established with specific responsibility for bioeconomic strategy through Peter Axegård.

Based on Innventia’s well renowned competence in cellulose science, the Biorefinery & Biobased Materials business area links together all the skills required for producing substances that can be put together into functional materials and chemicals. This can involve new markets and new applications which will contribute to a growing bioeconomy.

Within the Papermaking & Packaging business area we have now linked together the value chain from material, via production technology to application and use. It also fits well with the growing need for demonstration to enable up-scaling and industrial implementation.

“The new organisation will give us better opportunities to meet the challenges of the industry. It also harmonises with the strategies for a stronger Swedish institute sector through RISE Research Institutes of Sweden,” says Birgitta Sundblad, President of Innventia.


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