35 million for increased production of Orrefors

30 June 2017

The investment is essential for profitability. The fact that we currently have for small boiler capacity, we sell some products never-dried. With this investment, we can expand production and while drying the whole solid volume, says Jörgen Lindquist, President of Southern Wood.

The sawmill boilers and wood dryers are the parts that currently limit production capacity. The resort's two existing boilers will instead be replaced by a new and larger biomass boiler at 6 MW compared with the current 2.5 MW.

- The replacement of the boiler also makes it possible to simultaneously expand the timber-no with six kilns. After the investment, the sawmill will go from a drying capacity of approximately 60,000 cubic meters up to about 105 000 cubic meters, says Jörgen Lindquist.

The new facility will be operational in 2018th

Southern has this past year been working intensively to increase the profitability of sawmill operations by optimizing the flow of raw materials to the customer and review the sawmill structure. The restructuring program announced in June last year, included an investment package of $ 200 million at the sawmills in Långasjö, Värö and Orrefors.

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