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Fortress Paper announces Acceptance of Incremental Power at Cogeneration Facility

Thursday, Apr 02, 2015

Fortress Paper Ltd. announces that the Company has successfully completed the mandatory 100 hour test for the addition of 5.2 MW of incremental power for its cogeneration facility at its Fortress Specialty Cellulose Mill (the "FSC Mill") and the cogeneration facility can now deliver up to 24 MW of power to Hydro Quebec at the contract commercial rate. The successful test follows completion of certain gear repairs to the cogeneration facility, following which the ramp-up of the cogeneration facility proceeded smoothly according to plan.

Chadwick Wasilenkoff, Chief Executive Officer of Fortress Paper, commented, "We wish to thank our team at the FSC Mill for their efforts in promptly repairing the cogeneration facility and ramping-up power production. The Company can now deliver 24 MW of power, which is an important step in our plans to continue lowering production costs at the FSC Mill."

About Fortress Paper

Fortress Paper operates internationally in two distinct business segments: dissolving pulp and security paper products. The Company operates its dissolving pulp business at the FSC Mill located in Canada, which has expanded into the renewable energy generation sector with the construction of a cogeneration facility and the production of northern bleached hardwood kraft pulp. The Company operates its security paper products business at the Landqart Mill located in Switzerland, where it produces banknote, passport, visa and other brand protection and security papers.

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