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Cutting Edge Swedish Paper Mill Expands with PENETRON Technology

Tuesday, Feb 23, 2016

PENETRON ADMIX was a crucial element in the latest expansion of the Södra Cell Värö paper mill in Sweden. The large concrete structures of one of the world’s largest paper mills are now resistant to environmental influences and the acidity of the wood chips and pellets used in pulp production.

The mill has undergone constant upgrades since it first opened in 1972, with a major 4 billion kronor (US$ 466.2 million) project concluded this month. The Södra Cell Värö facility currently produces 425,000 tons annually of high grade chlorine-free softwood pulp used mainly for tissue products. Once the current expansion goes online later this year, output will climb to 700,000 tons, making Värö one of the largest in the world for softwood pulp production.

Located about 60 km (42 miles) south of Gothenburg on Sweden’s west coast, the Södra Cell Värö paper mill is close to the forests of western Sweden. This reduces supply distances and facilitates export of the finished pulp to international customers.


The Södra Cell Värö mill is the world’s first paper mill to switch its entire production to chlorine-free pulp. It produces energy in the form of electricity and steam both for its own use (for production and heating) and for sale to the grid. It also supplies the municipal heating network to nearby Varberg. The completed mill delivers over 550 gigawatt-hours per year, equivalent to the energy needs of 28,000 single-family houses.

“The breadth of the expansion project includes upgrades to the fiber line and various dryer systems, as well as the baling, recovery boiler and evaporation systems,” explains Robert Moen, Director of PEN-TEC Nordic AB, the PENETRON representative for the Scandinavian region. “The Södra Cell Värö mill was not just one project, but really nine sub-projects.”


PEN-TEC worked closely with the project partners to maintain an aggressive delivery timeline. Betongindustri AB, the local concrete supplier in Varberg, delivered over 30,000 m3 (39,240 cubic yards) to the Värö project.

“Fortunately, treating the concrete with PENETRON ADMIX during the batching phase was a simple procedure, helping the supplier keep to the schedule,” adds Mr. Moen.

“Both contractors, Betongindustri and NCC, worked hard to coordinate the concrete mixing with “just-in-time” deliveries to the job site,” says Steve Gustavsson, District Manager for Concrete Industry in Western Sweden. “The teams all worked together; it all ran very well.”


Beyond the expansion of the pulp production areas, the 1.5 m (5 ¼ feet) thick concrete walls and ceilings of the new pellet chip structure – used to store wood pellets for energy generation – are remarkable. During operation, this area will be covered by a mountain of chips that are transported to the digester on a conveyor belt. Other PENETRON ADMIX-treated structures include the new tanks for the sewage treatment plant, a new hall for the turbine to generate electricity, and several smaller buildings and foundations at different locations at the job site.

“This project’s tight schedule and impressive scale of the concrete play to the strengths of PENETRON ADMIX,” concludes Robert Revera, President and CEO of The PENETRON Group. “The admixture’s effectiveness, ease of dosage and transportability made it the perfect solution.”

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