Cellwood Machinery to supply dispersing units to Maruti Paper and Padmavati Paper

24 June 2022

Cellwood Machinery will supply dispersing units for upgrading projects to Maruti Paper and Padmavati Paper in India.

The dispersing units will help our customers to improve the quality of Kraft Paper production.

The start-up of the new units is scheduled for the beginning of 2023.

About the customer Maruti Paper:
Maruti Papers Limited commenced production in 1990 with an initial installed capacity of 9000 tonnes per annum (TPA). Over the years, we have expanded our operations significantly and we now manufacture 1,00,000 TPA, which will further increase soon.

Our product quality has been consistent over the years and has helped us carve a unique niche for ourselves.

About the customer Padmavati Paper:
Established in 2007, Padmavati Paper & Pulp has always been a company that’s determined & committed to delivering products without compromising on quality.

Every single day, we strive to give our clients and the end customers a delightful experience with our different range of products.

Our paper packaging are widely used in agriculture produce, white goods packaging, automotive packaging, chemical, grocery bags, e-commerce, food industry, exports, heavy industrial packaging, retail, painting & lubrication oil industries.

For further information, please contact: sales@cellwood.se


Source: cellwood.se