Wood engineering company Fundermax buys Ranheim Paper & Board

29 January 2019

Former Peterson Packaging plant Ranheim Paper & Board is now part of Austrian wood engineering company Fundermax, which it has supplied with saturating base papers.

Austrian wood converting company Fundermax has completed the purchase of the Norwegian paper and board manufacturer Ranheim Paper & Board AS.

Ranheim Paper & Board has been supplying Fundermax for several years with saturating base paper, an important raw material for the production of various Fundermax products. "With the acquisition, Fundermax is extending its supply chain, which gives the company a significant competitive advantage and will contribute to achieving the corporate goals even more forcefully," said Fundermax.

Ranheim Paper & Board is the largest supplier of recycled paper and board in Scandinavia. The mill was part of Norwegian packaging manufacturer Peterson Packaging. When Pemco, the former owner of Peterson Packaging, sold Peterson's corrugated packaging business to VPK Packaging, Ranheim paper mill remained in the ownership of Pemco and was established as an independent company.


Source: euwid-paper.com