White-top kraftliner becomes more expensive in Italy

4 May 2017

White-top kraftliner prices in Italy follow the rising trend in the containerboard segment. Manufacturers were successful in implementing a part of the announced hike in April.

An initial movement in white-top kraftliner prices had been seen on the Italian market in April. Suppliers have so far instituted a part of the price increase that has been announced. In this vein, manufacturers are reporting sustained good demand, which permitted them to take this first step and raise prices. A few suppliers believe that they will be able to reach their original target price with a second instalment slated for May deliveries.

Buyers think that the jump in white-top kraftliner prices has less to do with the prevailing market climate and much more to do with the general direction that prices have taken on the European corrugated case material market. The majority of market players thus doubt that suppliers will succeed in continuing to raise prices without the necessary support from the demand side.


Source: euwid-paper.com