Valmet to deliver pulp dewatering equipment and automatic pulper feed system to BillerudKorsnäs's Gruvön pulp and paper mill in Sweden

19 May 2017

Valmet will deliver dewatering equipment and an automatic pulper feed system to Gruvön pulp and paper mill in Sweden. The order is part of the investment in a new board machine and rebuild of the existing pulp mill at the Gruvön site. The whole investment is the largest in the history of BillerudKorsnäs and one of the largest in Sweden in recent years.

The order was included in Valmet's first quarter 2017 orders received and the value of the order will not be disclosed. The start-up of the new equipment is planned to first quarter 2019.

BillerudKorsnäs is investing in Gruvön mill to meet the growing demand for sustainable packaging solutions for food and beverages globally.

"Valmet's automatic pulper feed system, including bale storage, destacking and dewiring for baled pulp, will make the bale receiving line process efficient and safe, ensuring a good area working environment. With the new automatic system, based on Valmet's proven Bale handling with RoboSafety(TM) technology, BillerudKorsnäs will ensure the stock feed for the new board machine with a minimum of operator intervention," says Per Jangdal, Sales Manager at Valmet.

"To adapt pulp production to the new requirements, TwinRoll presses will be placed in close vicinity to the new board machine stock preparation. Our presses will wash the pulp one last time before it moves to the new board machine," says Patrik Lidbäck, Sales Manager at Valmet.

Valmet announced earlier in May 2017, that Valmet will supply an upgrade of the evaporation plant at BillerudKorsnäs Gruvön pulp and paper mill.