Valmet to deliver Defibrator system to Chiping County Senqiang MDF in China

Monday, Jul 10, 2017

Valmet will deliver an EVO-56 Defibrator system to Chiping County Senqiang MDF in China. This is a new fiberboard line and the Defibrator system will produce 30 tons per hour bd (bone dry) unresinated fiber. The start-up is scheduled for June 2018.

The order was included in Valmet's first quarter 2017 orders received. The value of the order will not be disclosed. An order with this scope of supply is usually valued in the range of EUR 1.5-5 million.

"There is a huge demand of MDF and the wood-based panel industry is an upward trend. Currently, the environmental protection requirements become more and more strict. Considering the industrial restructuring and product upgrading, we have decided to invest in the continuous line to produce 300,000 m3 MDF on an annual basis. From this investment, we hope to improve our product quality, reduce consumption and operation cost, to become more environmentally friendly with less emission, to better adapt to the tough market competition and to drive the company to a higher level of development," says Mr. Xu Tao, General manager of Sensen Group.

"We carried out a very careful market investigation and visited many other MDF plants.  We chose to buy from Valmet, because we believe Valmet's equipment, technology and service will meet our requirements well," Mr. Xu Tao continues.

"The EVO-56 system is specially designed for production levels up to 32 tons per hour, which is perfect in this case. Chiping County Senqiang has one existing line and this is their first EVO system from Valmet. The fiberboard market is growing in China, and Chiping County Senqiang has own flooring manufacturing and their goal is to be number one in fiberboard quality," says Leif Sundberg, Sales Manager, Pulp and Energy Business Line, Valmet.



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