UPM installs a new log sorting line at its Seikku sawmill in Pori, Finland

Friday, Feb 05, 2016

UPM's new high capacity log sorting line in Seikku sawmill in Pori, Finland, is now in full operation. The new investment improves the overall production efficiency of the sawmill significantly because the previous bottle neck is completely renewed, as the company says in the press release received by Lesprom Network.

With the new investment all logs can be sorted into quality and size straight from the truck. This improves sawing efficiency by lengthening batches and minimizing downtime. The investment also enhances the internal logistics and processes of the sawmill by moving the log sorting line closer to the saw infeed. Seikku sawmill's log sorting process is the first in Finland with control log table and butt-end reducer both already installed in line.

The new log sorting line meets even better the tighter noise level reduction requirements of the environmental permit. Log sorting will run in two shifts so there will be no noise during night time. Seikku sawmill and the city of Pori built together a new road to the log receiving area.

Investment project was completed in the planned timeframe and log sorting on the new line started in August, after the summer maintenance break. The majority of the investment was supplied by Finnish Nordautomation.

Seikku sawmill produces whitewood sawn timber from certified Nordic spruce. The annual production capacity of Seikku sawmill is 390 000 cubic metres of sawn timber.

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