Uncoated woodfree paper producers want to charge more in France

Wednesday, Sep 02, 2015

Paper manufacturers expect the prices for copy paper and offset reels and sheets in France to increase by up to €40/t in September.

August was a month of little action on the price front for France's fine paper market. After a partial increase in woodfree uncoated paper prices in July, the next round of price talks commenced as early as late August. Manufacturers are eyeing another mark-up from September. Suppliers have set their sights on an increase of €10-40/t, depending on how much more was tacked on the last time around.

To all appearances, demand for woodfree uncoated paper managed to escape a major slump in the holiday month of August in France. Manufacturers described demand in August as normal to good. The latter comment might also be attributable to higher prices having been announced and the advanced buying that often follows. Other insiders note that the demise of Tullis Russell and the start of shutdowns at Stora Enso Varkaus are helping to ease the supply situation on the market.

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