Stora Enso Fors Bruk in Sweden has invested in two complete PulpEye systems

12 February 2015

Stora Enso Fors Bruk has invested in two complete PulpEye online analyser systems, including the CrillEye and ExtractEye modules, as well as an upgrade of their first PulpEye system. The reasons for the investment were a need to replace old analysis equipment on the CTMP lines as well as to improve the control of fibre properties and pulp quality for BM 2. In addition, Stora Enso Fors Bruk hopes to save energy by optimising the stock preparation.

The order consists of two complete PulpEye analyser systems as well as a modernisation of the existing PulpEye system on one of two CTMP production lines. One of the new PulpEye systems is installed on the second CTMP line and is equipped with modules for online measuring of fibre, shives, brightness and freeness. The third PulpEye system is installed in one of the board machine’s stock preparation and includes also the CrillEye module for crill measurement making it possible to calculate tear, tensile and burst index as well as Scott Bond and density online. All three PulpEye systems work according to the PulpOnTarget concept, which is based on the calculation module ExtractEye.

In addition, Stora Enso Fors Bruk has bought an RMEye unit which is used to calibrate concentration meters in an efficient way at different measuring points in the process.

”We have since many years a very good cooperation with Stora Enso Fors Bruk and I am very pleased that the result is the biggest PulpEye order ever to a Swedish customer,” says Öjvind Sundvall, MD at PulpEye. “The whole process from the initial discussions all the way to the final agreement has been very positive. The outcome is that Stora Enso Fors Bruk now has three advanced online systems making sure that the quality of the CTMP pulps meet the specifications which contributes to a stable quality level of their paperboard products.

”We have been running the PulpEye systems since last autumn and we can see that they meet our high demands,” says Joakim Sundström, project manager Stora Enso Fors Bruk. We can already see indications how the refiners in our stock preparation influence the pulp. The results from our CrillEye module look very promising. We have a much better control of our pulp quality now, which secures a more even quality of our folding boxboard. “To measure is to know” as automation engineers say and PulpEye has in this respect helped us take a big step forward. A fair part of the investment has come from the Stora Energy Fund and there is no doubt that we will save a lot of energy.

Stora Enso Fors Bruk is one of the biggest folding boxboard mills in the world. The CTMP pulp is produced in two lines, while the chemical pulp is bought externally. The total production of 400 000 tonnes folding boxboard is produced on two board machines. End-use segments are packaging for cigarettes, food and cosmetics as well as for graphical applications. The mill has got a number of quality awards from customers as well as from independent organisations.


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