Sonae Arauco ordered a new Siempelkamp production line for MDF/HDF for its Mangualde, Portugal, location

18 July 2017

To expand production capacities at its Portugese Mangualde location, Sonae Arauco decided to order a MDF/HDF plant from Siempelkamp. The scope of supply includes a forming and press line with a complex handling system for different board lengths and widths and an interface to the existing storage system and the sanding and packing lines.

Sonae Arauco S.A. is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of wood-based materials and operates in Europe, Canada, South America, and South Africa. The company’s portfolio includes products from all areas of the wood-based materials industry, such as particleboard, MDF or OSB, if desired with melamine finish, as well as various special products.

The new production line for Mangualde will replace a multi-daylight press and will allow Sonae Arauco material and energy efficient production of MDF and HDF with a wide thickness range. The order comprises of the forming and press line with all pneumatic and mechanical conveyors including the automation technology. The press line with a ContiRoll® press of the latest design will be equipped with cutting-edge and energy-efficient synchronous motor drive technology. The press will be 28.8 m long and 8’ wide.  It will produce MDF and HDF with a thickness ranging from 2 – 37.8 mm.

The concept of sequential thickness changeovers will allow the operator to change the production automatically to new order-specific parameters and thus make the production of smaller batches possible. In this way product and quality variations as well as material losses will be minimized.