Solvay and Suzano Papel e Celulose build first integrated hydrogen peroxide unit on site for paper pulp production in Brazil

20 August 2018

Solvay and its joint venture partner Peroxidos do Brasil have agreed with Suzano Papel e Celulose to build a small-scale hydrogen peroxide unit at Suzano's paper pulp site in Imperatriz using Solvay's myH2O2® technology. Brazilian state Maranhão.

This is the first agreement that Solvay signed for its myH2O2® peroxide technology, which was developed for installation on remote customer sites. This unit will make use of the already available hydrogen as raw material, the existing utilities and facilities at the site of Suzano and will supply all required hydrogen peroxide for the bleaching of pulp on site. The unit will be managed from Solvay's peroxide plant in Curitiba, approximately 2700 km south of Imperatriz.

" This technology enables us to improve both our competitiveness and efficiency by reducing the cost of purchasing a significant amount of raw material in another state, and the expected volume is aligned with our capacity expansion that will be operational in 2017 ," said Walter Schalka, CEO of Suzano Papel e Celulose.

The myH2O2® units, with a production capacity of 5 to 20 kilotonnes per year, have a limited impact on the environment because they limit the supply of H2O2 per truck and use the hydrogen released from other production processes on the customer's site.

"Solvay's first myH2O2® agreement demonstrates the unparalleled wide range of our hydrogen peroxide technology, ranging from building and managing these small-scale units to megafacilities with a capacity of more than 300 kilotonnes per year," said Georges Crauser, President of Solvay's Global Business Unit Peroxides. "These unique and flexible myH2O2® units save logistics and reuse raw materials that are already available on the site and make an important contribution to a better environment."

Solvay is currently discussing various options for the installation of its myH2O2® units with customers in remote locations worldwide.

Peróxidos do Brasil is a joint venture between Solvay and Produtos Quimicos Makay.