Södra strengthens offer for softwood pulpwood and small-diameter timber

24 October 2017

Demand for softwood pulpwood is high. The strategic investments in Södra’s mills have now led to higher fibre consumption. Södra is therefore raising the price of softwood pulpwood to SEK 320/m? sub. The price of the small-diameter and softwood block range will also be raised by SEK 25/m? sub.

“The high demand for both sawlogs and softwood/hardwood pulpwood is gratifying for forest owners. The price increases will create excellent conditions for increasing the level of thinning in members’ forests,” said Olof Hansson, Acting President of the Södra Skog business area.

Markets for sawn timber remain favourable, and therefore demand for pine and spruce logs. Södra has therefore decided to incorporate the existing contracting premium of SEK 25/m? sub into the basic price.

The new prices will apply for contracts signed as of 23 October.


Source: sodra.com