Södra launched a new biodegradable and renewable material

Friday, Sep 25, 2015

On 22 September, the first pilot machine for manufacturing products from the new bio-composite DuraPulp was inaugurated. Södra says DuraPulp can be an alternative to fossil-fuel based products.

DuraPulp is a biodegradable and renewable material that is malleable and mouldable. It can be used for a wide range of applications and designs. The material is stable, water resistant and highly durable. DuraPulp has been developed by Södra and will now be produced on a pilot machine so that customers can trial the material for themselves for the first time.

DuraPulp is a mix of cellulose and a corn-based polymer called polylactic acid (PLA). The product is new to the market. According to Södra's statements, DuraPulp is an eco-friendly and durable alternative to plastics, being a potential solution to the replacement of fossil-fuel based products.  

Production of DuraPulp involved a complext technique which presupposes that the polymer melts and bonds with the cellulose, while also reinforcing the cellulose fibres.

Demo products produced with DuraPulp to date include Parupu children's chair, packaging and industrial components.

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