Sodra invests in new pellet factory at its sawmill in Langasjo, Sweden

8 February 2019

Sodra has invested in a new pellet factory at its sawmill in Långasjö, Sweden. The investment totals SEK 20 million ($2.2 million) and will increase total pellet production by 10,000 tonnes, as the company says in the press release received by Lesprom Network.

“Pellets are a product of the future and an obvious alternative in the transition to sustainable energy solutions. Swedish small and mid-sized industrial enterprises are investing in pellets,” said Fredrik Tärneberg, Head of Sales, Energy Products, Sodra.

To satisfy the demand for pellets, Sodra commenced construction of a pellet factory last spring, which was completed at year-end. Following a period of adjustment and calibration, the very first pellets delivery will take place in the week beginning 11 February.

Demand is primarily from Swedish industry, which is replacing oil with pellets. Pellets produce heat like oil and are a direct substitute for oil. Another new application, and the new “trend” among horse owners, is to use pellets as bedding for horse boxes.

“Our pellets are made from 100% spruce without additives, which makes them ideal to use as bedding. We have also noted an increase in pellets stoves,” said Fredrik Tärneberg.