Södra Cell Värö paper mill expands with Penetron technology

Saturday, Mar 05, 2016

Penetron Admix was a crucial element in the latest expansion of the Södra Cell Värö paper mill in Sweden. The large concrete structures of one of the world’s largest paper mills are now resistant to environmental influences and the acidity of the wood chips and pellets used in pulp production, as the company says in the press release received by Lesprom Network.

The mill has undergone constant upgrades since it first opened in 1972, with a major SEK 4 billion ($466.2 million) project concluded this month. The Södra Cell Värö facility currently produces 425,000 tons annually of high grade chlorine-free softwood pulp used mainly for tissue products.

Once the current expansion goes online later this year, output will climb to 700,000 tons, making Värö one of the largest in the world for softwood pulp production.

The Södra Cell Värö mill is the world’s first paper mill to switch its entire production to chlorine-free pulp.


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