Södra aims to be a complete wood supplier for projects in Europe

6 March 2015

Architects are seeking new ways to use wood. On 1 April, Södra will therefore launch a new project department in Karlstad to act as a sounding board for turning ideas into reality.

"The trend in Europe is moving toward greener construction and wood has become a popular material. Architects are seeking new and unconventional methods for using wood. We want to be part of, and contribute to, these new solutions," says Frank Lund Larsen, head of the department.

The new department's vision is to be a supplier of wood products for all types of projects, from smaller local initiatives to prestigious undertakings in northern Europe.

The benefits of wood are many. It is a strong and lightweight material that is easy to process, a thermal insulator and absorbs CO2. Wood is also the only building material that is renewable. Since the trend is moving toward greener construction, wood has become an increasingly popular material.
Södra already offers an extensive range of both standard and specialty products. The range will now be broadened with more exclusive wood products, enabling a comprehensive approach and a capacity to supply products for every type of wood project.

"We assist professionals, such as architects and specifiers, in their quest to find the right wood product for construction projects and then follow the project all the way until completion. In collaboration with several partners, Södra can deliver comprehensive solutions in the form of ready-mountable building parts. The department will sell products including fire-retardant treated wood, heat-treated wood, specialty painted wood and specialty profiles in wood," says Frank Lund Larsen.

Södra's new office will open in Karlstad on 1 April and have three employees. Lars Broström is the sales manager for the department.


Source : http://www.sodra.com/