Slovenia's tissue maker Paloma launched a capital increase worth €15million to upgrade its facility

27 February 2015

Tissue manufacturer Paloma is looking for investor to raise capital and expand capacity.

Slovenia's tissue and sanitary paper products manufacturer Paloma needs fresh money to upgrade its facility in Sladki Vrh and has launched a capital increase worth €15m. A notice inviting investors to express interest was published in the beginning of February. Potential investors have time until the middle of March to submit an indicative, non-binding offer.

Paloma has a production capacity for nearly 70,000 tpy of tissue. Virgin fibre tissue accounts for over 45,000 t to make up the lion's share of the annual output. The money from the capital increase will be used to remove bottlenecks, increase production capacity and improve energy efficiency, according to Paloma.

Paloma is held to be one of the leading suppliers of tissue and sanitary paper products in the Western Balkans and commands a high degree of brand recognition in the region. The company's plans to expand production are reportedly aimed at defending and consolidating its market position.


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