SKG halts testliner production at Sangüesa mill in Spain

Monday, Jan 18, 2016

The testliner machine PM 1 at Smurfit Kappa's Spanish Sangüesa mill is currently down. The group stopped the PM in order to switch it to machine-glazed paper.

The Smurfit Kappa Group (SKG) has started conversion work on the PM 1 of its Sangüesa mill in northern Spain. The machine has been discontinued on 11 January and is scheduled to be recommissioned on 1 March, a company spokesman told EUWID. After conversion, the PM will be virtually new, since 90% of the machine parts will be replaced, he added.

As announced earlier, SKG plans to convert the PM 1 to produce brown, machine-glazed paper from virgin fibre in a basis weight range of 25-120 g/m² in the future. The machine used to produce testliner with an annual capacity of 65,000 t. After conversion, PM 1 will become PM 4 and have a capacity of 30,000 tpy, according to SKG.

The Sangüesa mill already operates two machines for machine-glazed paper, PM 2 and PM 3, with a combined capacity of 60,000 tpy. These papers are used in a wide variety of areas, e.g. as packaging paper for food, as shopping bags or as gift paper, says SKG.

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