Sateri officially breaks ground for expansion of Jiujiang mill in China

14 December 2017

Sateri, a leading global producer of high-quality viscose, officially broke ground for its 1-million-ton project in the Chinese city of Jiujiang.

The 12 billion yuan ($1.82 billion) project in Lianxi District is Sateris third production site in Jiujiang and will be executed in four phases to reach a total of 1 million tons.

Including other production bases in China and internationally, Sateri plans to build up to 3 million tons of annual capacity of viscose fibre by 2025, with the pace of expansion adjusted according to market conditions.

As part of its expansion, Sateri is working with the local governments to attract top enterprises to invest in upstream and downstream industries, establishing a complete industrial supply chain that will support the creation of thousands of jobs.