Rengo Installed Gas Turbine Power Plant at its Amagasaki mill in Japan

Tuesday, Mar 22, 2016

Rengo Co., Ltd. announces it has newly installed a gas turbine power plant at its Amagasaki mill in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan.

Amagasaki Mill, based in Western Japan, produces paperboard such as containerboard. The newly completed power plant was built to replace the deteriorated existing facility, in order to improve self-sufficiency in electric power.

The power plant is made up of gas turbines and waste heat boilers, adopting a gas co-generation system which not only produces electricity, but also makes effective use of waste heat to produce steam.

Besides achieving approximately 80% self-sufficiency in electric power, the new power plant allows energy consumption to be made more efficient as it can be operated flexibly without being affected by the operating state of paperboard machines. Rengo expects the above points to reduce CO2 emission by approximately 3,800 tons each year.


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