Recycled containerboard prices in the UK to rise

Thursday, Jul 23, 2015

The British containerboard market is still enjoying good demand. Most experts thus think that brown recycled corrugated case material prices will edge higher in spite of the much stronger pound Sterling.

Brown recycled corrugated case material is in scant supply in the UK, with light-weight grades especially hard hit. Demand is strong and not all machines are running in optimal shape, market players noted. Smurfit-Kappa's rebuilt mill in Townsend Hook was still not producing the expected amounts. At the same time, converters' inventories of corrugated case material are low.

However, a mark-up announced for brown recycled corrugated case material to take effect from 1 or 13 July has met with sizeable opposition from converters. In a few instances, manufacturers had apparently already managed to institute increases with effect from 13 July. But the vast majority of sources told EUWID that prices would increase from 1 August. Less often, talks were still in progress and revolving around mark-ups from the middle or end of August.

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