Pulp mill in Tartu region unlikely to be built

19 September 2018

Building a pulp mill at another site or with different capacity is possible, Estonian minister told Est-For Invest

The pulp mill project planned by Est-For Invest in the Tartu region of Estonia is unlikely to be realised, at least not in its currently envisaged form. The country’s finance ministry announced on 13 September that it has cancelled the process of preparing a regional spatial development plan, a prerequisite for the construction of the planned Tartu mill. A review of the project, which was first proposed at the beginning of 2017, determined that the pulp mill cannot be built in the proposed manner, the ministry said. The project had been the subject of growing criticism in recent months.

The Minister of Public Administration of the Republic of Estonia, Janek Mäggi, explained that the negative decision related to a specific spatial development plan and did not mean that similar production facilities – for example, at another site or with different capacity – could not be built in future.

This decision would now have to be okayed by other ministries, the Ministry of Finance said. The parties involved in the project plan, meaning Est-For Invest and the local authorities in the planning area, will reportedly now have 30 days to present a response and potentially submit counterarguments.


Source: euwid-paper.com