Prowell to build two new corrugated sheet plants

Friday, Apr 21, 2017

Corrugated board producer Prowell has announced a considerable expansion project. The company plans to increase corrugated sheet board capacities by 250,000 tpy in the medium term by building two new plants in Italy and the UK.

Prowell, a subsidiary of German corrugated board producer Progroup, is planning to set up two new corrugated sheet plants in Italy and the UK. This will add 250,000 tpy of corrugated board capacity to the market in the medium term and raise the company's overall corrugated sheet capacities on the long term to 1.38 million t, according to Prowell. Start-up of the new plants is scheduled for 2018.

In Italy, Prowell has already founded Prowell S.r.l. to operate the new plant. The plant is planned to be built in Drizzona in Northern Italy, next to Italian packaging producer Imbal Carton which it will supply with corrugated board, meaning that no logistic costs will occur. The project means that Prowell will enter the Italian market, which it describes as the largest corrugated sheet board market in Europe.

According to Prowell, it will operate one machine with a capacity of 100,000 tpy of corrugated board sheets in Drizzona. The machine is said to be 2.8 m wide and run at a speed of 350 m/min. The company wants to produce single and double-wall sheets in the B, B NG, C and E grades. The machine is scheduled to be put into operation in the first quarter of 2018. The project is said to create around 40 jobs in Drizzona.

In the UK, Prowell is planning to create a "corrugated sheet mega plant" in Ellesmere Port near Liverpool, just a few km of the company's current location. A total of €75m is to be invested in the plant which will produce up to 235,000 tpy of corrugated board sheets. The new machine with a working width of 3.35 m is planned to be come on stream by the third quarter of 2018.



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