Producers implement higher prices for brown recycled containerboard in Germany

Wednesday, Jul 15, 2015

Paper mills are unconcerned about weak business in August and believe that the July price hike will prove lasting.

Paper producers and suppliers finally succeeded in raising brown recycled containerboard prices on the market in Germany. Price hikes took effect in July due to tight supplies and low inventory levels. According to manufacturers, mark-ups went through without any problems. Discussions centred mainly on paper availability and, to a lesser extent, timing, there was no haggling about prices.

Producers are fairly unconcerned about whether the increase will prove lasting. Although EUWID respondents concede that August is a weak month, they note that customers' room for manoeuvre is very limited because of their extremely low inventory levels. As well, producers have the option to supply additional volumes to the overseas market, which they are currently neglecting in order to secure sufficient supplies to their European customers.

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