Prices for recycled containerboard in Poland back to August levels

Wednesday, Dec 02, 2015

September’s increase in Polish recycled corrugated case material prices did not stick around for long.

Manufacturers did not overcome opposition from their customers in other European countries where prices did not alter so they were forced to ditch their hike in the Polish market one month later. Prices reverted to August’s level. No changes have occurred since then. Towards the end of November, market players thought that this would remain the case until the year’s end.

The market was balanced, with normal supply meeting with good demand. Sourcing recycled corrugated case material did not pose any problems. All machines in Poland have been up and running since Schumacher Packaging restarted its PM in Grudzi?dz in October.

There were no signs in November that the tide might turn when it came to prices. The prospect of special discounts in December was dim, even buyers conceded. Mills’ order books were still too good for that to happen, they said. On the other hand, only rarely paper manufacturers said that they wanted to suspend operations over the holidays.

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