Prices for Ordinary RCP Grades in Italy Start to go up

Wednesday, Apr 06, 2016

The Italian recovered paper market was showing the first signs of mark-ups in March. Minor price increases materialised for ordinary grades, although not all contracts were affected.

Pretty low availability is currently shaping the market for ordinary recovered paper grades in Italy. Shortages had emerged here and there in March, most EUWID sources said. This turn of events had paved the way for the first price hikes.

Affected companies said that price adjustments often applied to orders from mid-March. Anybody completing orders at the start of the month was thus sometimes able to secure recovered paper for the month at unchanged prices. Since not all buyers were handing over more for mixed paper (1.02) and OCC (1.05), the price bracket for these grades widened in March.

Dwindling supply was attributed to factors including collection volumes that had often been perceived as low, especially in the north of Italy. Recovered paper merchants also had the opportunity to export to Spain and Hungary at high prices in March. This had also influenced pricing, insiders often said.


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