Prices for ordinary RCP grades in France go up

Wednesday, Apr 29, 2015

Prices for mixed paper and OCC have moved higher again in France. Good demand from the domestic and export markets and converters filling up their stocks were the main reasons for this development.

Brisk demand, especially for ordinary grades, pushed prices higher on France's recovered paper market in April. Supermarket paper and board (1.04) and old corrugated containers (1.05), which had become slightly more expensive in March, rose again in April. Mixed paper (1.02) also cost more.

Market players agreed that the upward trend was mainly being fuelled by good demand both within France and on export markets. Paper manufacturers in France were busy, sources said.

What is more, buyers were reportedly taking pains to fill up their warehouses with recovered paper. The month of May has a large number of public holidays and extended weekends so logistical problems collecting recovered paper are to be expected. Collection activity would subside and supply would dwindle in May, one market player believed. The general feeling was that paper mills were sourcing the feedstock they need ahead of time in April for this reason.

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