Price cuts for several deinking and high RCP grades in France

Wednesday, Nov 25, 2015

Prices have moved downward on the French recovered paper market in November. While the ordinary grades were not affected this time, some deinking and high grades became cheaper.

Some deinking grades as well as higher grades of recovered paper became cheaper during November on the French recovered paper market. Peak prices were often eliminated for sorted graphic paper for deinking (1.11) and unsold newspapers (2.02). Supply traditionally increases in autumn due to higher collection volumes while demand remained stable, so the market was slightly off balance, market participants explained.

One major consumer of coloured letters (2.06) in France had managed to achieve lower prices in November, and the entire market soon followed, said some respondents.

The price of multi printing (3.10) also fell in November. Some insiders attributed this to high inventory levels at the paper producers' warehouses, others pointed to good availability and therefore strong supplies. The market for white woodfree uncoated shavings (3.18.01) was more balanced and prices here remained steady.

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