Polish RCP prices mostly unchanged in June and July

9 August 2017

Prices for exports of ordinary recovered paper grades from Poland to Asia increased in July. But this did not have much of an impact on the domestic market where converters were often still able to buy their raw material at unchanged prices.

Prices for supermarket paper and board and mixed paper in Poland have been unchanged for at least the past three months, EUWID respondents say. The fluctuations seen in Germany and other Western European countries in the first half of the year that resulted from sudden spikes or dips in demand from Asia were not witnessed on the Polish market, or the movements were only mild.

Sellers reported that prices on the export market, by contrast, had increased compared to June. Consequently, the gap between domestic and export prices has widened further in recent weeks. Market experts therefore expect that Polish paper factories will follow suit in August and raise their procurement prices.


Source: euwid-paper.com