PMP supports the dynamic development of Arctic Paper Kostrzyn SA

23 October 2018

On June 4, 2018, the PMP (Paper Machine Manufacturer) company signed a contract with Arctic Paper Kostrzyn, for the reconstruction of the MP1 press part with the Intelli-Nip ® wide press bed .

Arctic Paper SA ®  for several years consistently working on the modernization of its machinery, in order to prepare the MP1 to significantly increase production. The project is called "315" [thousand tons annual production throughout the mill] and will be crowned in 2019 years by running newspaper presses equipped with a wide pressure Intelli-Nip ® designed and supplied by PMP.

The aim ® entire project, "315" is to increase production capacity, improve the performance of our products and the implementation of energy efficient solutions. Arctic Paper decided on modern technological solutions offered by PMP, investing in a press equipped with so-called. shoe module (Intelli-Nip ®). The solution proposed by PMP will play a key role in achieving the final success of the "315" project by increasing the dryness of the paper web after presses from 43% before rebuilding, to 50% after rebuilding. It is worth mentioning that every 1% of dryness brings an average of 4% savings in steam consumption in the drying section. In addition, the wide press technology will significantly affect the properties of the paper produced (especially its plumpness and burst strength), and will greatly affect the MP1 performance increase.

The PMP Intelli-Nip ® technology is currently known and appreciated all over the world (recent projects of this type have been implemented in paper mills in the USA, Mexico, Colombia, Russia, China or in Poland). For Arctic Paper Kostrzyn SA this type of solution will be a major improvement and at the same time a great step in the development of the entire paper mill.

MP1 producing writing paper, offset, having a basis weight in the range of 60 to 100 g / m 2 . The machine's current speed is 700 m / min. Working speed after conversion will increase to 1000 m / min. The delivery PMP will consist press shoe provided with an Intelli-Nip ® (maximum design pressure of 600 kN / m, COG diameter of 1100 mm module). In addition, PMP will provide most of the control elements, spare parts and supervision over assembly and start-up. The commissioning of MP1 after reconstruction is planned for 2019.