PM 11 at Holmen's Hallsta mill to restart in mid-March

Wednesday, Dec 16, 2015

Holmen has postponed the restart of PM 11 at the Hallsta mill in Sweden to mid-March.

Uncoated magazine paper machine PM 11 at Holmen's fire-hit Hallsta paper mill will produce no paper until mid-March. The company had originally planned to restart the 330,000 tpy PM 11 in mid-January. Now that the clean-up work in the pulp mill linked to the PM 11 has been completed, Holmen announced that the damage was more extensive than initially assumed and that production on PM 11 has to remain idle for another two months.

Holmen runs two paper machines at the Hallsta paper mill in Sweden with a total annual capacity of some 550,000 t of book and magazine paper on two machines. The mill was hit by a fire on 20 November that damaged some of the production equipment in the thermo mechanical pulp (TMP) facility. The two paper machines were not affected by the fire, but production has been idled as a consequence of the pulp mill damage.

Production of book paper on 230,000 tpy PM 12 restarted on 2 December.

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