Nippon Paper completes construction of demonstration plant at its Fuji mill in Japan

24 October 2018

Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd. has completed constructing a demonstration plant at Fuji Mill in Japan for new functional materials, "MinerPa®" which is a hybrid material composed of wood pulp and particulate minerals using our own unique pulp-modification technologies, as scheduled.

The Company has developed "MinerPa®", which is a cellulose fiber densely covered with mineral particles by using our proprietary technology. "MinerPa®" shows both the high formability of wood pulp and the functional properties derived from various mineral particles.

The new demonstration plant will start up operation with an annual production capacity of more than 450 tons. The Company has already developed "MinerPa®" with not only deodorizing/antibacterial properties but also new functionalities such as antiviral properties to meet the customer's demands.

Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd. is one of the top 10 pulp and paper companies in the world. Founded in 1949, the company owns more than 160 group companies and 180 thousand hectares of private timberlands.