New biomass terminal at the Port of Liverpool to serve Drax's biomass conversion plan

Monday, Nov 02, 2015

Phase one of a new biomass terminal at the Port of Liverpool has shipped off the first lot of wood pellets. This terminal will be completed by July 2016. Moreover, the UK's most centrally located deep-water container terminal, Liverpool2, will be available on December 2015.

The United Kingdom is extending its green electricity production. That is why Drax Group, the largest single generator of renewable electricity in the country needs more energy sources.

The construction of biomass terminal is set up

In these circumstances, Peel Ports Group, which is situated in Liverpool, has taken a decision in June to build a new biomass terminal at the Port of Liverpool. This project is estimated at £100 million.

Peel Ports Group has announced recently that phase one of the new-built terminal has been complete. The main goal this terminal is to receive ships, which deliver wood pellets from North America. These pellets are a by-product of the commercial forestry and saw-milling industry. United Kingdom purchases them in order to use as an alternative power source.

Wood pellets will be delivered to Drax Power Station by railway. A specially constructed train with 25 wagons with carrying capability 1600 tonnes by each one will transport a freight to Shelby, where power station is located. This freight train is able to cover a distance of 99 miles in 35 minutes.

The economic importance of the biomass terminal in Liverpool

The biomass terminal will have been complete by July 2016. It will make a significantly contribution to economic growth and development of deep economic connection between different parts of the country.

According to the UK Government’s Northern Powerhouse document "Transport for the North", Liverpool plays crucial role in English freight transportation infrastructure. That is why the biomass terminal, which will be capable to receive up to 3 million tonnes of wood pellets and to store approximately 100,000 tonnes of this freight when finished, is being built in Liverpool. Moreover, this terminal in cooperation with rail traffic infrastructure will give an opportunity to provide the United Kingdom with reliable, affordable, low carbon energy.

Graham Construction is building a new biomass terminal in Liverpool. Graham Construction is an organization, which supplies construction, asset management and project investment services for customers in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Executive Director at Graham Construction, Leo Martin underlines that this terminal building is based on experience of similar terminals construction on the east coast of the country.

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