5 new biomass plants to be built in Ukraine

Thursday, Jul 30, 2015

The USA/Ukraine Joint Venture - Ukraine Agro Valley Association (UAVA) -  looks to establish a sustainable source of bioenergy fuel in Ukraine to assist in eliminating Ukraine`s dependence on fossil fuel imports from Russia, states the association's press-release.

UAVA intends to build up to five biomass pellet plants with an annual capacity of 100.000 tons each in the Odessa Region.

“The total value of this undertaking could range up to $100.000.000,” states Maksym Melnychuk, the Chief Science Officer of UAVA. Overall, UAVA intends to build up to 20 plants throughout Ukraine in five years with a capacity to deliver up to two million tons of energy rich product per year that will be used for public and private buildings heating.

With active political support for this project from the USA, EU and Ukraine, this “green” Bio-Energy program will potentially see thousands of jobs created countrywide.

UAVA plans to work with all levels of government to provide alternative heating sources for the country.

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