Nationwide Boiler provides two large package watertube boilers to Pacific Northwest pulp and paper facility

19 February 2019

Nationwide Boiler Inc., the largest rental boiler supplier west of the Mississippi River, provided two large package watertube boilers on a fast-track emergency basis to a pulp and paper facility in the Pacific Northwest. Each boiler traveled nearly 1,000 miles to the customer site through rough winter weather, and in just seven days the boilers were delivered, installed, and put into service.

Nationwide Boiler’s long-time customer was experiencing issues with their large power boiler, and on short notice had to take it down for repairs. After fielding the initial call, Nationwide Rental Manager, Tim McBride, identified two 70,000 lb/hr trailer-mounted watertube boilers that were serviced and ready for immediate use. Within two days, the boilers headed North to support the outage.

“This type of emergency need is exactly what we are here for,” explained McBride. “We’ve built a fleet of over 100 rental boilers in a variety of sizes and operating parameters, allowing us to have units available at any given time to support our diverse customer base.”

The boilers are currently operating and supporting production at the pulp and paper facility, and will continue providing steam to the plant through the duration of the repairs.