MoRe Research installed unique wood chip impregnation equipment

11 February 2019

MoRe Research has installed pilot equipment aimed at real time studies of the wood chip impregnation process. It is integrated with MoRe’s pilot digester plant and used to study how wood chip is impregnated and cooked under various conditions, as the company says in the press release received by Lesprom Network.

Studies can be conducted for paper pulps and dissolving pulps. The impregnation pilot is a result of a PhD work at Helsinki University and has been further developed by MoRe.

The wood chips are placed in the pilot’s basket and the impregnation process is monitored when the chip weight increases as air is gradually replaced by cooking liquor in the chips. The original pilot has been developed further by MoRe and adapted to the existing pilot digester plant in order to facilitate combined impregnation and cooking studies. Impregnation studies can be done for different chips sizes, tree species, temperatures and pressure conditions as well as for different chemical pulping processes.

MoRe Research is a neutral and independent research and development company in the field of product and process development, mainly for the pulp and paper industry.