Metsa Fibre acquires a biogas plant in Aanekoski, Finland

11 December 2018

Metsa Fibre and EcoEnergy SF have signed an agreement concerning the ownership of the biogas plant located in Metsa Group’s mill area in Aanekoski, Finland. Built by EcoEnergy SF, the biogas plant was started up in 2017. It produces biogas and biopellets from wood-based sludge generated by Metsa Fibre´s bioproduct mill in Aanekoski, as the company says in the press release received by Lesprom Network.

“We are systematically expanding and strengthening our industrial ecosystem in Aanekoski. It is important that we own some of the operations, while others are based on partnerships. Through this acquisition, we will be able to make even more efficient use of the biogas plant as part of the bioproduct mill process. The wastewater sludge from the bioproduct mill will be converted into added-value products in the biogas plant,” says Ismo Nousiainen, CEO of Metsä Fibre.

In addition to treating the sludge from the bioproduct mill, the biogas plant processes sludge from Aanekosken Energia’s wastewater treatment plant and other biodegradable sludge generated in Metsä Group’s mill area.

Metsa Fibre is a leading producer of bioproducts and bioenergy. The company’s bleached softwood and birch pulp grades have been developed for the production of high-quality board, tissue and printing paper and speciality products. Metsa Fibre is part of Metsa Group.