Metsä Board to Cut Jobs at Simpele Board Mill

Wednesday, Apr 13, 2016

Mestä Board plans to shut down a sheet cutter at its Finnish Simpele mill which will result in the loss of 42 jobs.

Metsä Board has announced that it will axe 42 jobs at its Simpele mill in Finland in connection with the shut down of one the site's sheeting lines. The company concluded negotiations in March and the positions will be made redundant in the course of the year, a spokeswoman of Metsä Board told EUWID.

The spokeswoman explained that the functions and production processes in the mill will be restructured so as to enhance the efficiency of the mill. However, mill capacity would be retained despite the closure of the sheet cutter so that deliveries and customer service will not be affected by the measure, she added.

Metsä Board produces cartonboard with a capacity of 280,000 tpy in Simpele. The mill operates one board machine and six sheet cutters, which the current measure will reduce to five. The mill employs 310 persons.


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