Manufacturers announce new round of price hikes for coated woodfree paper

16 May 2017

Sappi, Lecta and Scheufelen have announced another price increase for coated woodfree paper in Europe.

Sappi has communicated its plan to raise coated and uncoated woodfree paper prices by €70/t or more from 15 June. The company blamed its decision on the ongoing increase in raw materials prices, especially for pulp. "Despite strong order books and good operating rates, margins continue to be depressed by this severe input cost inflation," Sappi explained.

Lecta announced a price increase of 6-7 % for its two-side coated woodfree paper grades. According to Lecta, the price hike will be effective as of 19 June and is motivated by higher manufacturing and raw material costs, pulp and latex in particular.

Papierfabrik Scheufelen is set to raise its sales prices for coated woodfree paper in order to "offset the high increase of raw material cost, mainly pulp and latex." The company is asking for a minimum €70/t price hike for all deliveries as of 15 June.

At the end of January and the start of February, leading coated woodfree paper suppliers in Europe had a announced price hikes for deliveries as of March. So far, the first round of price hikes had met with little success: woodfree coated paper prices were showing only limited upward movement on the major European markets in April, EUWID market research revealed.